Sunday, February 23, 2014

Self Knowledge is the only Real Knowledge !

Sai singing Love Ever , Hurt Never !

Sadayam Hrudayam
Yasya Bhashitam
Tasya Bhooshitham

Deham Parahite Yasya
Kalanu Nasthi
Param Sukham

Heart is Truth Absolute
Such statement is TRUTH
Body is ephemeral
No Time before SELF
Only Bliss Absolute !

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sing with Love !

Love is the essence
Of all religions
Sing with Love
Without Love earth is void !

He is Truth, Wisdom, Infinity !

He is Truth ( Satyam )
He is Wisdom ( Jnanam )
And Infinity ( Anantham )

Ponder over the meaning of this great song and achieve Bliss !

About the Mother Divine

O Lord of all lords, O Blissful One !

This is another SM video about the Lord, who lives in the Sky of Consciousness ( Chit Akasha, allegorically depicted as Mount Kailasa .

Be with me always, O Lord Sai !